*SET UP TIME From 6.00 until 8.00am,
(No entrance to cars after 8.30am)
No taking cars out of market area
until after 4.00pm, when Market has closed.

• A maximum of 2 sites will be offered to the one stall holder.
• Entrance with cars from 6.00am until 8.00am ( No entrance to cars after 8.00am)
• All cars must stay on site until the market ends at 4.00pm
• Stalls will be mixed around depending on products sold to ensure variety
• No food, drink or second-hand stalls will be accepted which infringe copyright laws.
• All rides will be charged a minimal of a two site fee in lieu of site fees;
• All food and ride vendors must have their own public liability.
• During Market please keep a copy of current insurance certificate with you.
• Before the date of the market; please send us a copy
• Sites will be allocated at the discretion of the market coordinator and are subject to change without notice;
• Stall holders have a duty of care to avoid exposing themselves or other persons to situations that could lead to injury or damage to property;
• Tent pegs are to be sand bagged and tent stays are to be flagged. Anything larger than tent pegs cannot be used.