For the year of 2022, Lorne Kindergarten will host a combined ages kindergarten program.

Our 3/4 year old Minnows will join our 4/5 year old Guppies program on a Tuesday and or Thursday.

The funded kindergarten sessions will operated between 8.45-1.45pm.

For families that require an extended hour of care, this will be offered as an activity program

from 1.45-2.45pm and will not be part of the funded kinder program. 


                                 2022 Timetable

Minnows 3/4 year old group

                          Tuesday    Thursday 


                Extended care  period 1.45-2.45pm


2022 Timetable

Kindergarten 4/5 year old group

               Monday        Tuesday          Thursday

                                  8.45am-  1.45pm

               Extended care period 1.45-2.45pm 


At the Lorne Kindergarten, we offer an integrated play based curriculum that enhances the Social, Emotional, Intellectual and Physical development of each child. 


Our focus is on engaging children, supporting their active hands on construction of knowledge, while nurturing autonomy, self esteem and success.