AGM, Wine & Nibbles Evening

The Lorne Kindergarten openly invites Families of children attending the Kindergarten and Pre-Kinder program in 2016 to our:

AGM, Wine & Nibbles Evening

Tuesday 17th November 2015
7:00pm At the Lorne Kindergarten

The evening includes:

Parent Information Session

Educators will provide parents and carers with an overview of the 2015 year. We will also talk about 2016 offering ideas on how you can prepare your children for their kindergarten / pre-kinder year.  Enrolment packs for 2016 children will be handed out at the conclusion of the AGM.


        1. Welcome

        2. Attendance and Apologies

        3. Pass minutes of previous meeting

        4. Business arising for minutes

        5. Reports (President, Treasurer, Kinder Director)

        6. Election of New Committee

        7. Close

How YOU can support Lorne Kindergarten

Become part of the committee

In 2016 the committee will primarily be a fundraising committee however you will also work closely with the Surf Coast shire Cluster.  You attend the monthly meeting to discuss and organise ways to raise funds to spend on resources for your children, to ensure open communication between parents at the kinder and the cluster managers. This is a great way to meet new people and get involved in the kinder community.

Support fundraising and social activities

The committee will run a number of different fundraising and social activities.  Get involved!!  Supporting fundraising activities raises money for our educators to spend on resources for the kinder.  Some social activities are for the kids, some are for families and some are just for the adults.  Making links in our community helps everyone feel connected.

Assist your child’s group with ‘Kinder support’

Parent rosters are available for you to choose a date to come in and participate in your child’s session. You get to know your children’s kinder friends, assist the educators and become more familiar with the kindergarten. Please put your name down as often as you can – our educators really appreciate having another set of eyes/hands in the kinder.

Volunteer your business services

If you work in/operate/own a business that is able to assist the kindergarten in any way, please do so. Donations take the strain off funds which means we can spend more on the kids.