Market set up from 6am until 8am. No cars driving on market area after 8.15am. The Market has been advertised from 9.00am until 4.00pm so no cars leaving site until 4pm.

Please check the site map to ensure you know where to set up. Check number twice, don’t set up in another person site or you will have to move. Numbers will be sprayed on the grass in the middle of your site, lines will be on both ends.

As we are sharing space with Sculptures, please be aware of this when driving into Market areas.

Reminder that no pegs longer than tent pegs can be used on grass area, and be careful of markers for in- ground sprinklers.

For stalls that have moved to the car park. Half way down will be a Truck loaded with sand bags, please help yourself. At the end of the market please put them back in the truck or into the gutter at your site.

Total of 1 car is able to park at each site- Grass and Carpark area. As long as you can fit into the space provided 4mts by 8mts. Extra cars will have to be moved off site please.

MOST important, please take your RUBBISH HOME this includes all your empty boxes. We are responsible for cleaning the site and if loads of rubbish litter the foreshore. GORCC may not issue us with a permit for the 2017 Easter Saturday Market.

On the Market day, I will not be coming around collecting money for the 2017 Market. As soon as we are issued with the permit for the 2017 Market we will open up our booking system for stall holders. At this point I expect it to be around Early May. To make it easy for ourselves and to keep you all HAPPY, we will be keeping Stall holders in their usual positions. Only moving or taking new stall holders after a reasonable amount of time with no reply from previous stall holders. SO PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAILS or OUR WEBSITE regularly. 

Bookings will be made online through our WEBSITE not our FACEBOOK Page.

Please submit your details but do not deposit until I forward you the account details. Ensure a booking name is attached to bank deposits, so we can link it up.

Thank you all for your co-operation with this year’s challenges, hoping for a bumper sales day for you all.



Regards Michelle Danks & Lorne Kindergarten Committee 2016